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The Big Difference

Live Support

d'Livery is a logistics company that has a local presence to connect with drivers whenever and where ever. When you are in the field, we are here to help.

Stephen Bandi - Owner

More than Restaurants

Restaurants were an essential part of the beginning of this company, as the idea came from at-home smoothie deliveries. Using that as a foundation for the company, we partnered with dozens of restaurants during the COVID-19 FEMA program and grew our marketplace from there. Now we specialize in not only restaurant delivery, but contractual work to help any community in need.


We have medical deliveries from Ochsner's Specialty Pharmacy that run Monday through Friday, delivering essential medicines to those who need it.

Emergency Relief

With our ability to deploy quickly, we have been able to deliver food in emergency situations like COVID-19 and natural disasters to people who have been affected.

School Food

Students who are unable to receive lunch in-person may be eligible for a delivery program that serves cafeteria food straight to their door.

Laboratory Deliveries

Through the process we have partnered with many medical labs to help deliver specimens that other couriers couldn't deliver in time.


Marketplace Schedule Availability

7:00AM - 1:00PM

Morning Shift

May get routes as well 

10:00PM - 4:00PM

Afternoon Shift

Busy for lunch

4:00PM - 10:00PM

Evening Shift

Busy for dinner

Routes run Monday-Saturday


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2626 Canal St.
​New Orleans, LA